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Garden Spa

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Here at Mominques we wanted to bring something a little different with our garden spa.
Whether it be with a loved one or a friend you can come and relax with us. All our packages can be for those who are under going oncology treatments, but if you didn’t want a treatment and just need some relaxation time then our garden spa is for you.

Come and enjoy some Mominiques love.

Please bring with you swimwear, flip flops and a wet bag and we will take care of the rest…

Sauna & Zen Shower

£12 for 1 person
£22 for 2 people
£30 for 3 people
£35 for 4 people

Enjoy the benefit of our sauna and cold zen shower. This is a great way for relaxation as well as helping with many health benefits, it is recommended to spend no more than 20 minutes in the sauna and combing it with the cold shower will help boost energy levels, increase circulation, enhances immune function, promotes faster muscle repair, burns fat and improves skin health to name a few.
Zest up the sauna with our signature essential oil blends.
Towels and robes included, just bring your own flip flops & swimwear.

Sauna & Deep Tissue Massage


Back, neck and scalp massage

Sauna & Deep Tissue Massage


Full Body Massage

Mominiques Garden Spa

£25 per person
£20 per person for 4 to 6

Do you just want a little bit of Mominiques love? No treatments but just some chill time?
Book out 90 mins to yourself or with friends and escape to our GARDEN SPA.
Enjoy the Hottub, Sauna & zen shower and relax with refreshments and complementary chocolates with the sound of music to take your stresses away… includes robes & towels. Just bring your swimwear, swim bag and flip flops and we will take care of the rest

Garden Shower Party Special

£68 per person

Use of all facilities in the garden spa. Includes refreshments and chocolates and robes and towels.
Choose 2 treatments from the list below
* soothing facial massage
* back massage
* leg and foot massage
* hand & arm massage
* front scalp & décolletage massage
Using are Mominiques blend of essential oil to completely relax you.

(minimum of 4 people up to 6)

Garden Spa Packages


£79 per person

Exclusive use of all the facilities in the Garden Spa.
Wake up your mind, body & soul.
* start off with dry body brushing.
* get cocooned in our warm shear body butter mask and enjoy a soothing mominiques scalp treatment whilst the mask absorbs and nourishes the skin, finished off with the remaining shear body butter massaged into the skin.


£79 per person

Exclusive use of all the facilities in the Garden Spa.
* Drift off with our ultimate relaxing Mominiques signature facial.


£79 per person

Exclusive use of all the facilities in the Garden Spa.
* Hotstone back of leg and foot massage followed by a warm soothing back neck and shoulder massage.

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