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The most pleasant method of hair removal using only natural ingredients. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin,

Full Leg


3/4 Leg


1/2 Leg


Full Leg & Bikini

from £30

3/4 Leg & Bikini

from £25

1/2 Leg & Bikini

from £20

Bikini Sides


Bikini Top &Sides


Bikini - All Removed




Full Arm


Fore Arm




Please note that all eye make up needs to be removed before coming in for treatment.
Tinting minimum age is 16

Eye Brow Shape


Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash/Brow Tint


Lashbomb Lash Lift


Lash bomb is a natural alternative to semi permanent lashes. The Lash bomb formula lifts your lashes from the root, instantly providing volume and length and will last around 6-8 weeks.


Please note eyelash/brow tints and lash lift patch testing needs doing 48 hours prior to treatment if it is your first time to Mominiques or if you have not received these treatments in the last 3 months



 Beautiful nails do not just happen; they have to be achieved.

Luxury Manicure


Hands exfoliated, nails filed & shaped, cuticles pushed back and trimmed, hand & arm massage, Hot mitts and oil treatment. Nails perfectly painted with your chosen colour.

Treatment Manicure


Includes exfoliation, shape, cuticle work, arm massage and polish application

Builder Gel Enhancement

Add fantastic length and strength to nails with our builder gel to create longer nails, fix broken nails or even for extra strength on natural nails.

From £35-40

Full Set


1 Nail Fix


Added Layer Over Natural Nail


Removal of Full Set (Includes Manicure)

Parafin Wax Manicure


The anti-ageing manicure. We do all the usual cuticle & shaping and after a luxury hand and arm massage your hands are dipped in to melted paraffin, which locks in all the oils and creams. Great for easing symptoms of carpal tunnel, eczema and arthritis. Includes polish.

Gel Polish

Hybrid nail polish which can last up to 14 days, no chipping, no drying time, high shine, including all cuticle work and nail shaping.


Colour Polish


French Polish


Glitter Gel


Gel Removal (Including Manicure)


Gel Removal and Reapply

Gel Toes

Includes all cuticle work, filing and Gel applied


Gel Application


Including Get Fresh Mini Pedicure

Get Fresh Pedicure

Using botanical-based lemongrass foot products which will slough, buff & moisture your feet, providing instant relief for your tattered tootsies. You will leave like you’re walking on air.


Luxury Pedicure


Mini Pedicure

Parafin Wax Pedicure


Using all the get fresh range then adding a paraffin wax to add that extra luxury to your feet.

Please note add an extra £2.00 for French Polish & bring open toe shoes.

Callus Peel

Don't just dream of pretty feet... Calluses can be removed from your feet using our 4-step system.


Callus Removal Only


Callus Peel Including Toe File, Cuticles & Polish

Bring Open Toed Shoes!



Eve Taylor Preblended Massage

Using top quality aromatherapy oils, all our massages are completely customised to each individual so if you want a deep tissue massage or an ultimate relaxing one, your therapist will advise you on the right blend to enhance your massage.


Full body massage (including face & scalp)


Back massage (including scalp)

G5 Leg Massage

G5 is excellent for toning, breaking down cellulite and giving inch loss. Finished off with Eve Taylor cellulite massage oil to give maximum results.


Course of 6 Treatments

Hot Stone Massage


Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy smooth basalt stones are heated and incorporated into a massage. Back massage

Indian Head Massage


Sit back and relax, this head and shoulder massage will relieve tension, helping get rid of aches & pains while leaving you uplifted.

Sports Massage

Massage is a form of massage involving manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. Soft tissue is connective tissue that has not hardened into bone and cartilage; it includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a form of connective tissue that lines and ensheathes the other soft tissue).

Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from ;repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The application of sports massage, prior to and exercise, may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury. Also ideal if you're struggling with pain or discomfort.

Your therapist will tailor the treatment to your needs.

May use any of the following treatments:

- Audio Sonic - using sound waves which stimulate blood flow deep in your body tissue and begin your natural healing processes. Conditions it can help with include migraine, sinus, frozen shoulders, neuralgia, rheumatism, tennis and golf elbow, backache, sciatica, lumbago, slipped disk, arthritis, inflammation, sprains and cramp.
- Infra Red - Designed to relieve pain and inflammation. The heat enhances and improves circulation. It brings oxygen and nutrients to injured tissue, promoting healing. It helps ease pain and inflammation.
- G5 - A mechanical massager that goes much deeper than the therapist can. Different heads are used to mimic different massage techniques and is great to use during a sports massage to help aid with pain relief.


1 Hour consultation (inc. infrared & audio sound)

Thai Foot & Leg Massage


Feel like you’re walking on air... With this wonderful treatment which helps reduce stress and improves blood circulation, you will experience a deep cleanse & exfoliation, followed by a deep massage. Foot mask with heated boots to help leave your skin hydrated.

Mama Baby Bliss pregnancy massage

Specially adapted for pregnancy. This top to toe massage will leave you and your lovely “Bump” feeling relaxed and revitalised. Great for relieving back ache and other mummy-to-be aches and pains.


Full Body


Back Massage

Aromatic Ear Candleing


This relaxing treatment is an alternative to syringing. It’s a complete detox for the head helping treat anything from migraines to sinus trouble and even known to help clear tinnitus.




Here at Mominiques Beauty Spa we are licensed professionals, who have undergone intense post graduate training in skin health expertise. Professional skin treatments are highly customised experiences designed to help you achieve your healthiest skin using the Worlds Number 1 Skin care brand.


Price on consultation

Cryo Pen is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is fast, effective, safe and a new solution for the removal of skin imperfections. Procedures typically last 5 to 30 seconds, so you can be in and out of the salon quickly.

The Cryo Pen emits a fine jet of Nitrous Oxide under high pressure. This destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane thereby destroying the cell. That means there will be no collateral damage to healthy tissue. It's so incredibly accurate and practical.

Cosmetic procedures such as skin tags, milia and cherry angiomas are no longer being treated by many doctors on the NHS. With the Cryo Pen you can now have these treatments in our salon.

Cryo Pen offers the ideal treatment for:

-Skin Tags
-Solar Lentigo
-Cherry Angioma
-Age Spots
-Viral Verruca

Aromatherapy Facial


Take relaxation to another level by enjoying a warm oil back massage and turn over to enjoy a face & scalp massage.

Pure Relax Facial


Perfect for those who want nothing more than to relax. Enjoy a full 45 minutes of pure bliss and still get that healthy glowing skin.

Dermalogica Pro 60


This facial will help you achieve your skin care goals. From giving you an understanding for a great skincare routine which is customised for your needs to an amped up treatment with the most advanced ingredients and using skin technologies to give you that healthy looking glow.

Teen Skin Treatment


A treatment tailored to benefit the specific needs of young adult skin.Utilising professional grade products that are formulated to combat teen acne without aggravating already troubled skin.

Electrotherapy including high frequency, LED light therapy and ultra sonic blade will be in included if required.

Pro Power Peel

£75 per treatment

Our all new Pro Power Peel redefines the peel experience. Our strongest and; fastest peel yet, the Pro Power Peel collection features a full suite of peel products including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's).

This treatment is ideal to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts. After using your chosen peel the treatment incorporates a powerful Ionactive serum, a customised masque, LED light therapy and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing.

Please note you must have a patch test and consultation before we can commence this skin treatment - ask your skin therapist for more details.


Course of 3 Treatments - Includes Pro Power Kit

Dermaplaining Advanced


This treatment removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, AKA peach fuzz. Using Dermalogica Ion actives and LED light therapy, your skin will be brighter, smoother, glowing and more youthful looking.

A fantastic treatment to help make-up glide on and look flawless

Advanced Microdermabrasion


The red carpet treatment is going to give your skin the "Glow", taking microdermabrasion to another level teaming it up with mesotherapy. Not only do you get skin resurfacing, your collagen will be boosted giving immediate results using a mix of skin technologies and serums, your skin is visibly rejuvenated and firmer with no downtime!

Muscle Lifting Facial

£50 - Course of 12 £500

This is a must for everyone! You can have this treatment on its own or it works well with all other facials. This is a clinically proven way to tighten and contour the skin which stimulates your own collagen using the best micro current technology on the market. the Bio machine reduces the signs of ageing, helps with muscle tone and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We offer a toning facial to suit your age, Turbo lift is a preventative for younger skins and age defying facial is essential for mature skins.

Dermatude - Collagen Induction

£75 - Course of treatments £550

Micro Needling
Known as the facelift alternative, this treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimises pours, stimulates your circulation and improves the overall condition of your skin.

Our full facial and wrinkle treatment works best in a course of 8 starting with 4 weekly treatments reducing to 1 fortnightly to achieve best results. You can maintain your look by popping in to see us from time to time.

£80 - Course of treatments £600

Luxury Treatment

Skin Tightening - Radio Frequency

Theravisage also known as RF8 is a revolutionary treatment used to lift, tighten and tone the contours of the face and neck.

The treatment itself is very relaxing and most clients fall to sleep. The heat penetrates down to the dermal layer causing the fibroblast cells to stimulate which in turn cause a tightening effect. Results are fantastic if you commit to a course of 10 facials. Ideally twice a week to achieve the best results possible.


1 Treatment


10 Treatments

Donnas Bespoke Skin Treatment

1 Treatment - £75

Not sure what you skin needs? Then leave it to me to work my magic. I will choose a combination of the most advanced skin technologies and advanced products to give you ultimate unique skin results.

Depending on your concern I will customise this 75 minute treatment to your needs. I will be able to help with acne, acne scarring, rosacea, skin tightening, loose muscle tone and skin rejuvenation to name a few...

Modalities which may be used include:

-Dermatude - Micro Needling - Collagen Induction
-Dermaplaining - Removes peach fuzz
-Peels - Skin resurfacing
-Biotheraputic - Muscle toning
-Radio Frequency - Skin tightening
-LED - Light therapy
-Micro Dermabrasion
-No Needle Mesotherapy
-High Frequency - Kills acne

This treatment is like no other so if you're wanting results then look no further.

Course price will vary depending on how many treatments are recommended.



Universal Elite Body Contour Wrap

Using natural sea clay to help detox the body of unwanted toxins, and by using the elite chrysalis machine you get the added benefit of muscle toning and thermal heat.

For more info please go onto the main Universal Contour website.

We guarantee you will loose 6 inches on your first full wrap.


1 Full Wrap Treatment


Course of 3 Full Wraps

Body Toning

Course of 9 £300

Want to tone up without the hassle?

Then lie back on our thermal heated blanket and let our Chrysalis machine work its magic.

This treatment will firm, tone and also it's perfect if you want to tackle cellulite, fluid retention and all round fatty bits.

Using faradic technology this works by stimulating muscles, offering the same fat busting results as a full bod work out.
No pain, no gain? As if!

G5 Leg Massage

G5 is excellent for toning, breaking down cellulite and giving inch loss. Finished off with Eve Taylor cellulite massage oil to give maximum results.


Course of 6 treatments




Lily Lolo Mineral Make Up


Mineral make up is suitable for all skin types so it makes it ideal for sensitive to acne-prone skins as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and includes key ingredient zinc oxide which has healing antibacterial properties.

You will be amazed how it covers, not only that, but it buffs in beautifully to give the illusion of flawless bare skin.

High Definition Make Up


This make up range is not just for celebrities you can have the flawless look too. This range contains No parabens, it is fragrance free and SPF free to avoid that annoying Flashback!

Great make up for a more made up look!

Make up application includes strip lashes.



Mominiques Signature Massage


Experience the best relaxation time of your life! And indulge in our signature massage, where we promise you will be de-stressed, completely relaxed and floating on air. This massage really does have it all, we start off with a relaxing hot stone back massage before carrying out a deeply relaxing full body treatment. Be ready to be put into a state of relaxation...

Mominiques Signature Facial


This is our ultimate facial for relaxation. Using dermalogica products to help target concerns. Drift off whilst you receive 2 types of massage, then enjoy the benefits of a firming mask. Experience a hand or foot massage to finish off your Mominique’s experience.

Mominiques Signature Salt & Sugar Glow


Using our very own Salt & Sugar scrub our luxury body exfoliation will leave your skin smooth and hydrated, whilst our warm body oil massage will leave you floating on air. A beautiful treatment to invigorate but relax at the same time.

To keep your Mominiques glow take your Salt & Sugar scrub home with you for an extra £6



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St Tropez Tan

Always wanted to look like a celebrity? Then you can with this tan, it won’t send you orange it will leave you with a lovely golden colour which adapts to every skin tone, includes exfoliation.


Full Body (inc Face)




Face, Arms & Chest

Lemon Grass Body Exfoliation


Enjoy a full lemon grass sugar scrub to smooth your body, finished off with lemon grass body cream. An excellent treament to remove dead skin cells.

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50% payment required in advance for treatments over 1  hour.

48 hours notice required for any cancellation otherwise a cancellation charge will be made.

Cards only accepted for payments over £20.

Opening on Sundays by appointment only.

Please arrive early for your treatment.

Late arrival to an appointment will result in a shorter treatment time.

7 days cancellation notice required for girls nights or any other packages which require 2 or more therapists.