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M    O    M    I    N    I    Q    U    E    S
B    E    A    U    T    Y
D    E    S    P    I    T    E
C    A    N    C    E    R

Here at Mominiques we have been trained in oncology massage in order to be able to offer various treatments to clients going through cancer.

Our oncology treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs and can be adjusted to accommodate any physical limitations or sensitivities you may have.

We may require a doctors note prior to treatments but please speak to our therapists who can guide you before any bookings are made.

Oncology Massage

Full Body £49
Back £29

Using light touch this specially designed massage will leave you floating on air. This type of massage is also fantastic for those clients who suffer with ME, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia.

Oncology Facial


A blissfully relaxing facial beautifully adapted to bring the glow and harmony to even the most delicate of skins. Soothing massage techniques work like magic to help you drift off into a world of peace and tranquility, leaving your skin perfectly replenished with glowing radiance.

Oncology Hand Treatment


Unfortunately chemotherapy and radiation can wreak havoc with skin and nails. Nails can become dry, brittle, discoloured and even peel. During active treatment we do not recommend false nails or gels but you can still have beautiful hands and nails with our adapted manicure. Choose from a treatment formula or nail polish to finish off your treatment.

Oncology Foot Treatment


Feet can become dry and sore but with some of Mominiques love and attention we can give your feet the treat they need. Having a warm foot soak and relaxing massage will help you feel relaxed as well as leaving you with pretty toes.

Lily Lolo Make Up


Start your clean makeup journey now. Our makeup range is gentle on the skin and bismuth free. It's a cruelty free, free from chemicals, parabens, perfumes and dyes, and is 90% vegan friendly.
Allow us to give you that makeup look without going over the top and giving you the natural flawless makeover without the worry of any nasty ingredients

Please note a majority of packages we offer can now be customised for our oncology clients

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